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​​​Our Partners for our Gold Business Connect Women's Event are great!  Check them out:  

Marlon Altoe of New York Life Insurance

​​Marlon Altoe is a Registered Representative with NYLIFE Securities LLC and an Agent with New York Life Insurance Company. Marlon believes that everyone can take control of their financial destiny. Marlon offers simple answers to complex financial questions, and helps his clients thrive by listening to their needs and developing creative yet sound financial strategies.

Marlon was born in the country-side village of Boa Esperança (Good Hope), Brazil. He came to the United States in 1995 as an exchange student for a year of foreign exposure and to perfect his English skills (non-existent at the time). Shortly after his arrival, however, Marlon received a scholarship from the Houston Ballet Academy—one of the pre-eminent ballet conservatories in the country—which prompted him to remain in America to pursue a career in classical ballet.

After eleven years of a fulfilling life dancing on some of the world’s most prestigious stages, Marlon embarked on a new adventure when he entered Baruch College in 2009 and later the Sorbonne in Paris in 2010. Marlon graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science in 2013. Upon graduation, Marlon joined Parabellum Capital, a litigation financing firm, as an underwriter.

In January 2017, Marlon departed Parabellum to open his own financial and insurance planning practice through New York Life Insurance where he could better pursue his new passion -- helping individuals, families and business owners grow, succeed and achieve their full financial potential.

How New York Life feels about Partnering with Light of Gold PR:  

"As a fellow Brooklynite, Brooklyn Chamber Member, and minority business owner, I feel I am in a unique position to understand the priorities and goals of a woman-owned business. I am also in a unique position to understand the obstacles you and your business will face achieving those goals. I am here to help you conquer them. My mission is to help you minimize the inevitable risks of life, achieve your financial dreams and bring wellness and peace of mind to your financial life. This is why I and New York Life Insurance could not be more proud and excited to support the Gold Business Connect Women’s Event and Light of Gold PR!."


About the New York State Veteran’s Chamber of Commerce:

The New York State Veteran Chamber of Commerce is a 501C3 tax-exempt non-for-profit organization, launched in November 2013 within the heart of Manhattan. New York State Veteran Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based veteran-friendly company.

Giovanni Taveras serves as the Founder/ Director of the New York State Veteran Chamber of Commerce.

The New York State Veteran Chamber of Commerce is here to help ALL veterans from all wars. This chamber is not restricted to just the post 9/11 era. As long as you served a day in the military, YOU ARE a veteran. This chamber is open to everyone; all ages. This chamber focuses more specifically on veteran entrepreneurs, and provides them with referrals and resources.

We understand that a veteran returning to civilian life may be presented with a number of challenges. Many veterans' obligations parallel those of civilians, such as unemployment, that's why the New York State Veteran Chamber of Commerce is committed to serving and creating opportunities for those who have already served!

How the New York State Veteran's Chamber feels about Partnering with Light of Gold PR:  

"The New York State Veteran's Chamber is excited to be a partner to Light of Gold PR and The Gold Business Connect Women's Event.  We've worked with Light of Gold PR and Debra Dixon-Anderson on many wonderful projects and committees at The Brooklyn Chamber and  we know that this will be another great event!" says Giovanni Taveras